Kenya denies claims by Somalia’s President that nearly 200 soldiers died in the Al Shabaab attack


Almost six weeks on from the El Adde attack and Kenya’s been told very little about what happened. Al Shabab claimed to have killed 100 or more Kenyan soldiers.  Kenyan authorities say they are still trying to identify the dead and for the sake of the families, are giving no tally.

Now, Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has revealed what he’s been told, that at least 180 dead, maybe 200. That would make it Al Shabab’s deadliest attack on record.

Kenya’s defence force is not impressed. Spokesman Colonel David Obonyo says it’s not true and that the Somali president should clarify his sources.

‘We should stop trivializing the dead. They are not mere statistics’ – Obonyo

The Somali president gave the figure in an interview on Somali TV. He says it’s important to pay tribute to the fallen Kenyan troops.