Police arrest man walking naked at Nashville airport



Police on Sunday arrested a man at Nashville International Airport in Tennessee, US, for stripping and walking completely naked around the airport.

Pictures posted on Facebook appear to show a completely nude man waiting to check-in at Nashville International Airport in Tennessee, US.

Officials later confirmed that airport police had arrested the man and taken him into custody.

Airport spokeswoman Shannon Sumrall said the man’s identity was unknown, although she revealed he wasn’t a stranger to staff.

Speaking to The Tennessean, she said that on a “handful” of other occasions, he had walked around an airport car park naked.

One Facebook user, Tod Brilliant, who was at the airport at the time, took pictures of the man and uploaded them onto the social site where they went viral and received numerous comments.

In his post, he says he even went up to the man and talked to him before the police took him away.

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