EU reduces funding for peacekeeping force in Somalia


European Union have announced a 20% cut in the funding that is channeled to the peace keeping mission in Somalia that currently stands at $200 million annually.

The resolution was agreed upon by European Union Parliament cutting the largest source of financing for the over 22,000 troops in Somalia under AMISOM.

The European Union says it has reduced funding for The African Union Mission in Somalia because of financial constraints.

On Thursday African Union officials met with AMISOM partners in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa to see how to avoid waste and duplication of functions in Somalia.

According to AU which has 22,000 troops operating under AMISOM, the funding cuts will immensely and negatively affect the operationability of the mission which heavily relies on the funding from the EU and other ally-donors.

The mission may now be forced to concentrate on air strikes and not ground operations to minimise expenses.

AMISOM partners include the EU, the UK, France, the US, China and the United Nations.

AU officials have however taken to strategize of a long term funding strategy that will the war against al Shabaab to a more cost-effective and swift resolution that will not be susceptible to constant funding cuts and deficits.


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