Former United Nations Secretary General Boutros Boutros – Ghali dead



United Nations Security Council has confirmed the death of Boutros Boutros – Ghali, the former UN Secretary General

Boutros –Ghali is an Egyptian birth, born in 1922 to a privileged Coptic Christian family, his grandfather being the former Egyptian Prime Minister. After graduating in Cairo University in 1946, he pursued further studies in France and New york.

The 93 year old started off as a Professor of International law in Cairo before he was later appointed as the deputy foreign minister. In January 1992, Boutros –Ghali, began his tenure as the sixth secretary – general of the United Nations, taking the credit of being the first arab to hold such high position in the United Nations.

Boutros –Ghali is remembered for organizing the biggest United Nation’s relief operation in Somalia during the famine. He was criticized for lack of action during the 1994 Rwandan Genocide and Angola’s civil war. He served the UN for one term, ending in 1996.

The announcement of Boutros-Ghali’s death came during the start of a meeting on Yemen’s humanitarian crisis on Tuesday , Venezuela’s UN ambassador Rafael Ramirez made the announcement and asked for a moment of silence



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