Cairo hosts dog competition to find best of breeds



With great pride dog owners display their canines, each looking to impress judges with their dogs beauty and uniqueness. Around 200 dogs took part in this years event .

There are usually two titles in the competition,the first is the breed challenge, where each breed competes with its likes. Then every champion from each breed enters the overall completion and one dog is selected to win a country’s title. This year Ahmed Haseeb dog won.

“We started creating social groups through our dogs. The owners became friends and we shared the schedules of the shows, and attend regularly. We’re all keen on their training, it gets us out of the mood. My dog is an Asian Shepherd dog, he won the title four times. On the 21st of June we are gong to Mocow for the world cup, representing Egypt.” Ahmed Haseeb, competitor, Asian Shepherd Dog

If a dog wins this national competition at least three times, it gets qualified for the world championship. This year it’ll be held in June in Moscow, Russia. Such events are new in Egypt. They started a little over three years ago. At first dog lovers were mocked at, for the extreme welfare they provide to their canines. But the event has quickly grown in popularity.

“We have progressed greatly, and now there is a trend of taking care of dogs and animal overall. I consider it a historic breakthrough in Egypt. At first no one gave attention to these dog shows. People were mocking us, that’s a known fact. Now people come to these event from across the country.” Izza Ayub

The event is in its fourth year and is organized by the Egyptian Animal Kingdom foundation. Organisers are hoping to draw more participants to next years event.

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