One million at risk in drought-stricken Madagascar


The ongoing drought across southern Africa caused by El Nino has also hit the island nation of Madagascar, where the World Food Programme says about 1 million people are at risk of starvation.

The harsh weather has devastated crop lands and dried up water sources. Those is drought zones have resorted to eating the cactus fruit to ease their hunger, while others have resorted to begging in urban centres. The World Food Program estimates that up to 14 million people are facing hunger due to failed crops, skyrocketing commodity and food prices, and the lowest levels of precipitation in 35 years

“The current situation in the south of Madagascar is not just difficult, it’s catastrophic. Right now, we can say close to a million people are food insecure.”Blandine Legonou, World Food Programme

“This is my granddaughter, this is my great grandson. I am the head of the family. I am supposed to ensure their survival, but I can no longer do so. When you leave here, we will have nothing to eat. I have another grandson who has gone to the village to beg” Michel, farmer , Madagascar