Zuma’s lawyers: public protector report was binding



The upgrades to President Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla homestead cost the taxpayers 15 million dollars at current rates. That included security features but also elements such as amphitheatre, a swimming pool and cattle enclosure. A report by the country’s watchdog said Zuma had benefited unduly and that he should repay the money. Zuma refused. But last week he offered to repay some of the money. But this case is now about whether he broke the law by ignoring the watchdog’s report and whether the report is binding.

“We submit that the president defied the the public protectors order and that his defiance constituted a violation of his duties under the Constitution” said Wim Trengrove, Eff Lawyer

“We accept that it’s not just a recommendation she wanted certain things done and the undertaking is that those things should be done because they must be done.” Jeremy Gauntlett, Zuma’s Lawyer

Gauntlet however rejected an order stating that Zuma had been defiant, citing that this could be used against him in impeachment proceedings. He accused the opposition parties of using this case for political gains.  In the meantime – the public protectors office feels vindicated.

“This is really about accountability of the state not about President Zuma it’s not about individuals it’s about accountability for governance in terms of the Constitution of South Africa and the laws of South” Kevin Malunga, Deputy Public Protector

Meanwhile thousands of opposition protesters marched to the court in support of their leaders.

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