Investors flock to Cape Town to laud African Mining Industry


Well over 7,000 mining professionals and investors are at this year’s annual Mining Indaba in cape town. The event is a key global gathering for those interested in investing in the African mining value chain.

Leading representatives from the mining investment community, the world’s largest mining houses and government representatives are here to exchange insights on how the sector can drive investments and capitalise on the opportunities available to Africa’s mining industry.

The organisers of Investing in African Mining Indaba say its its launch, the annual event, billions US dollars in foreign investment have been channeled into the continent’s mining value chain.

Apart from being a boost to the mining sector. The Indaba has also given a boost to the tourism sector in Cape Town. Some 5,000 jobs have been created as a result of conference, with the city raking in more that 600 million in revenue from hotel accommodation, shopping and golfing.