Ugandan aspirants’ hilarious campaign posters


Uganda is gearing up for elections set for February 18, one that will see long serving leader Yoweri Museveni go up against Kizza Besigye and Amama Mbabazi among other presidential hopefuls.

Campaigns in the East African country have reached a climax now as various aspirants vying for various political seats pump in as much effort as they can to help their cause.

Hilariously, some aspirants have gone a notch higher in trying to woo Ugandans to vote for them in the upcoming polls.

From amusing posters to funny slogans, aspirants have devised various ways of capturing the voters’ attention to their candidacies.

Ugandans have been posting some of these funny posters on social media, showing just how desperate the aspirants are in their quests to bring voters aboard their causes.

One lady aspirant came up with the slogan “If aliens attack, I am ready”.

Another opted to use a picture of the world-famous musician Rihanna instead of her picture, maybe in a bid to woo the musician’s fans to vote for  her.

Here are some of the posters;




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