African Union move to deploy peacekeepers in Burundi, delayed


African union peacekeepers

After African Union leaders agreed to deploy peacekeepers in Burundi it didn’t go down well with the East African nation leader. Bujumbura’s position on allowing peacekeepers into Burundi has always been clear.

Throughout the week consultations have been taking place at the AU on the controversial issue. The country’s second Vice President believes the African Union took the decision to deploy troops too lightly.

“I think that the question about troops – It’s a quick decision that was taken by the AU without in-depth investigations on the ground. It is true that we have had some issues following the elections. But it was due to the people who started the problem – just to convince the AU and UN to bring foreign troops so that they can set up a transitional government. So now we think during this meeting that took place at PSC, we have had the opportunity to explain the reality in Burundi . We hope that this time the AU has the right information and won’t fall again under the trap.” Dr Butore Joseph, Second Deputy President, Burundi

And it appears, Burundi has gotten its way for now. The troop deployment will be delays until Bujumbura agrees. The international community is concerned of the growing humanitarian situation and lawlessness in the Central African state.

The African Union will now be sending a delegation to Bujumbura, to convince President Pierre Nkurunziza to allow the deployment of peacekeepers but if the leaders at the summit couldn’t reach an agreement – this delegation will certainly have some hard work ahead.

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