Rwanda police arrest people suspected to be connected to Islamic State


Rwandan Police have arrested several people suspected of being linked to the Islamic State, less than a week after the police killed a preacher who was accused of encouraging youth to join the militant group, Reuters news agency reports.

The police reportedly declined to say exactly how many people were arrested, but said at least some of the suspects they had been pursuing had fled the country.

On Monday, police detained Muhammad Mugemangango, the deputy imam at Kigali’s Kimironko Mosque, and accused him of recruiting for the Islamic State, which is fighting in Iraq and Syria.

He was later shot and killed while attempting to escape, police said.

The police said they had obtained evidence that led them to identify several other suspects. They said the group’s aim was reportedly to recruit new Islamic State members.

They also seized jihadist preaching materials such as books, CDs and social network messages.