Uganda brings back domestic workers from Saudi Arabia



At least 7 Ugandan women working as domestic workers in Saudi Arabia have been flown back home by the Ugandan authorities.

The seven are part of the 24 women set to be brought back to Uganda following complaints of being mistreated and abused at work. The Ugandan embassy in Saudi Arabia intervened when the women moved into detention centres operated by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in the Arabic country.

Uganda announced last week the ban on sending housemaids to Saudi Arabia following a high number of complaints of inhumane treatment. The Ugandan government said the ban will be lifted when working conditions are “deemed fitting”.

This is the second time that Uganda has banned its citizens from going to Saudi Arabia, the first time was in 2014. Uganda and Saudi Arabia signed a five year deal last year that allows Ugandan college graduates to seek domestic work and in other fields of work in the oil rich country. Uganda took this move to reduce high unemployment rates in the country.

Ugandan Spokesperson has stated that the Gulf state has reached out to the Ugandan embassy to have a meeting to discuss the bilateral agreement between them.

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