Murder of four elderly people due to accusations of witch craft in Malawi shock the President

Malawi President

The President of Malawi, Peter Mutharika, has expressed his shock at the murder of four elderly people accused of witchcraft.

Community in Chimbalanga village organized the mob justice after a teenage girl was struck by lightning when arranging buckets on a veranda to collect rain water. The incident led to the death of Byson Kanjete, 73, Eliza Enoce Kanjete, 86, Elenefa Kanjete, 76 and Idesi Julius Kanjete, 69 who were accused for being involved in witchcraft that caused the girl’s death. The four were beaten to death by the mob.

“The president is saddened by the brutal acts of the mob in Chimbalanga Village and has since ordered the Inspector General of the Malawi Police Services to investigate the matter and bring to justice and trial of all those involved in the killing the four innocent people,” said Presidential spokesperson, Gerald Viola

The Presidential spokesperson added that Malawians should stop accusing the elderly of witchcraft whenever someone dies.

“We would like to remind Malawians that mob justice violence, whatever the reasons behind it, finds no justification in both our domestic and international legal human rights system as it violates the right to due process, sanctity of life (Section 16 of Malawi Constitution) and their presumptive innocence until proven otherwise by a competent court of law.” According to a statement released by the Malawi Civil Society