Libyan parliament rejects proposed list of ministers for unity government

Libyan Parliment

Another step back for peace. The internationally recognised parliament in Tobruk has turned down the coalition government’s set up.

” 32 ministers are too many for a poor government that is loaded with financial constraints and drop in oil production.its a government based on political affiliations not based on quality and will lead Libya to more chaos….we want a strong coalition government that does not exceed 15 minister only”Abdel Baset Bin Hamel, Libyan Political Researcher

Libya is divided between 2 parliaments since mid 2014.. An islamist assembly in Tripoli and an elected , internationally recognised partliament in Tobruk. Their infighting has resulted in over 3 thousand deaths in only one year. The UN brokered Sukhayrat deal, meant to unite both entities in a coalition government, led by businessman Fayez El Sarrag. This new government would create peace between the feuding factions and help fight ISIL. But establishing a coalition has proved a sticking issue.

“The only winner from all this huge and complicated political process are the different terrorist groups on the ground …the libyan politicians here are underestimating the dire situation. They prefer their personal gains rather than the nation’s well being. They’re not dealing with the dangers we face in the country, and they are allowing foreign powers to meddle in our affairs” Abdel Baset Bin Hamel, Libyan Political Reasercher

ISIL has been rapidly spreading in the north african nation, making use of the political chaos. The terrorist group also managed to infiltrate into neighbouring countries. The international communiry is waiting for the coalition government to be appointed, to allow military intervention against ISIL in Libya.

The assembly has given Fayez El Sarrag 2 weeks to submit a new cabinet.  The peace process may not be over yet, but the wasted time is giving more room for terrorism to gain further ground in Libya.