AU Executive Council’s Ministerial Retreat concluded in Ethiopia


Members of African Union (AU) Executive Council converged in the Tigray region of Mekelle within the framework of their third Ministerial Retreat, holding under the theme: “Implementation of Agenda 2063”

The Mekelle Retreat which was built on the 1st Ministerial Retreat of the Executive Council held in Bahir Dar from 24-26 January 2014 and the 2nd Ministerial Retreat in Johannesburg on 9-10 June 2015 “reflected on progress in building ‘the Africa we want’, set out in Agenda 2063.”

The African Union urged member countries for integrated efforts in order to lay strong foundation for the successful implementation of Agenda 2063.

The two days Ministerial retreat had identified a range of responses that would inform AU’s approach on the 1st Ten Year Implementation Plan Agenda 2063.

AU Commission Chairperson Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma said integrated activities are important to realize the goals set to be reached by 2063.

She also added that modernizing agriculture, ensuring quality education, improving role of the manufacturing industry in the economy and ensuring peace and stability are among the areas that need attention.

The third Ministerial Retreat aimed at brainstorming and exchanging ideas on critical issues related to the implementation of the Africa Agenda 2063 so as to give clear direction and guidelines on devising best ways and means for its domestication to help improve the living conditions of African citizens.

The retreat discussed capacity for implementation of Agenda 2063 based on 10 key areas drawing upon Ethiopia’s experience; among them are leadership, changing mindsets, capacity building, role of the diaspora and building knowledge networks.

The retreat also elected the five rotating follow-up committee of the retreat from the five regions; Namibia, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Algeria and Rwanda.

At the end of the deliberations, the ministers will adopt the Mekelle Ministerial Retreat draft outcomes document to be tabled for the January 27-28, 2016 Executive Council meeting for adoption.

The African Union is holding its Annual summit in Addis Ababa with the theme: “2016: African Year of Human Rights with Particular Focus on the Rights of Women”