Tunisia imposes curfew after protests persist


Tunisia’s government has declared a night curfew across the country after protests persisted, with the demonstrators demanding to get employment.

The curfew begins tonight, and will be from 20:00 local time (19:00 GMT) until 05:00.

The interior ministry said the curfew was imposed because the attacks on public and private property “represent a danger to the country and its citizens”, the Associated Press news agency reports.

On Thursday night, police stations came under attack, and security officers used teargas to repel protesters armed with stones and Molotov cocktails.

Protests over unemployment rates in the country, which started in the Western Kasserine province, intensified and spread to other parts of the country on Thursday.

The protests and clashes with security forces started in Kasserine on Saturday after the death of an unemployed man who was electrocuted on top of a power pole near the governor’s office.

Ridha Yahyaoui, 28, was protesting because his name was removed from a list of potential recruits for coveted public sector jobs.

The government has ordered an investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death.