Zimbabwe police detained for complaining on WhatsApp



Twenty police officers in Zimbabwe were reportedly detained last week for complaining in a WhatsApp chat for not having been paid.

The state-controlled Chronicle and Herald newspapers said three officers were still assisting the police with investigations.

The officers were arrested in Bindura, northern Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwean government struggled to pay its tens of thousands of civil servants last month, paying teachers late and only depositing salaries for doctors and nurses in early January.

The police officers appear to have been shipped by other members of the Whatsapp chat group, as often happens in politically-divided Zimbabwe.

The three who are “still assisting with investigations” are being seen as the ringleaders of the group and could be charged under Zimbabwe’s Police Act, the newspapers said.

There is a suggestion they could lose their jobs.

“The matter [is] being handled by CID Law and Order in Bindura and the three officers are still assisting with investigations,” the Chronicle said.

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