ISIS admits Libya’s Zliten slaughter

ISIS  has this evening claimed responsibility for Thursday’s massacre at the Zliten security training school in Libya. One internet site among a number used by the terrorists said that the suicide bomber who drove the explosive-filled water truck onto the parade ground was a Tunisian, whose nom de guerre was Abu Yakin Tunisi.


Although ISIS has already published a picture of Abu’l Abbas Al-Muhajar the suicide bomber responsible for the death of eight people at Ras Lanuf on Thursday, no picture of Tunisi has yet emerged.

The use of a Tunisian to carry out today’s carnage at Zliten may well have been calculated. A backlash against Tunisia has already begun with some calls for action against Tunisia. Meanwhile the Tunisian government has gone out of its way to condemn the massacre.

Misrata joined other Libyan voices clambasting ISIS. However its Council of Elders also demanded that the Khalifa Ghwell administration in Tripoli “shoulder its responsibilities” for securing the lives of citizens and prosecuting criminals and terrorists, thus cleaning the infected roots of the nation.

Ghwell had been in Sebha yesterday with a number of his ministers. A spokesman told the Libya Herald that Ghwell had cancelled a foreign trip today to stay in Tripoli.  However, he declined to say where Ghwell had been planning to travel.