African Union optimistic that Burundi peace talks will continue in January as agreed

A protester sets up a barricade during a protest against Burundi's President Pierre Nkurunziza and his bid for a third term in Bujumbura

African Union is still going to send 5,000 peacekeeping troops to quell the unrest in Burundi but Burundi says A.U. troops are part of an invasion force. However  A.U.  is optimistic that talks will continue in January as agreed in Uganda.

African Union Political Affairs Commissioner Aisha Abdullahi says that the AU hopes Burundi will cooperate & allow the troops to go in.
According to Aisha Abdullahi on the outcomes of the Burundian stakeholder talks according to the AU

“It was a good start and we hope that it would continue as agreed in the beginning of January.For us currently the African union. ..the priority is the de-escalation of violence in Burundi.Everyday people are dying.we receive reports of human rights violation ,arrests and torture.And then the displacement within and outside of Burundi.Consequently you may recall that recently The PSC had decided to evoke article four of the constitutive act of the AU which clearly states that the AU member states would not remain indifferent in cases of extereme violations of human rights.”

The peace and security (PSC) of the AU decided to deploy troops to protect civilians in Burundi, after the recent Armani exercise the AU has now a capacity to deploy rapidly.However the AU also has the east African stand by force it’s also ready to deploy. AU believes that the community carries the 5000 strong force.Clearly Rwanda has come out to say that it cannot particpate but AU hopes that other countries from the region will contribute the numbers and that Burundi would eventually heed to the call of the AU and also that of the chairperson Dr.Zuma to allow the troops in.They are just there to insure that the violence de-escalets.

The PSC has decided to deploy in anticipation that it will get requisite support from Burundi and all the important stakeholders including the UN and the complete AU body so that troops are deployed as soon as possible.Becuase people are dying and suffering in Burundi.

If the government of Burundi continues to disallow the troops deployment AU plans to reach a compromise with the country, although AU calls for Burundi to cooperate with African body.