Rival factions sign UN deal to end Libya’s conflict

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Libya’s rival parties on Thursday signed a long-awaited UN deal to set up a unity government, aimed at rescuing the country from chaos and preventing Islamic State extremists from gaining more ground.

UN Special Envoy for Libya, Martin Kobler, called the agreement quote a historic day for Libya”. Talks between rival factions have been taking place in the Moroccan city of Skhirat. There had been doubts on the signing earlier in the day, as leaders from the two sides expressed oppositio to some of provisions in the agreement.

“Today is a historic day for Libya. Five months ago, on 11th July 2015, the initialling of the Libyan political agreement showed a broad consensus on the framework for ending months of destructive violence and political divisions. Today, by signing the completed political agreement, you are completing this process, you are turning a page in the history of Libya. From today, the agreement puts in place a single set of legitimate institutions, essential building blocks towards a peaceful, secure and prosperous Libya. Gathered here are representatives of a broad range of Libyan society. Among you are representatives of the House of Representatives of the General National Congress, here are women and men from political parties, civil society, many municipalities. You are important public figures in Libya.” Martin Kobler, UN Special Envoy for Libya

Rival lawmakers have signed the deal in Morocco to form unity government, the deal is set to bring stability to Libya bringing an end to a 14-month political process.