Rwandans vote to secure Paul Kagame a 3rd term


Rwandans are heading to a referendum  that will likely see President Paul Kagame get a third term in power. Parliament has already approved the vote  and judging from the streets, most Rwandans will be voting yes.

Just a couple of hours to go and on the streets of Kigali there’s no sign that Rwanda’s political landscape may soon change. And the outcome is easily predicted – at least on the surface. Almost four million Rwandans have signed a petition demanding a constitutional change. They want president Kagame who is ineligible to run in 2017 allowed to run again first for another seven years and then possibly for two five year terms stretching to 2034. The opposition claim otherwise, Tuyishime Jean and the opposition Green party tried to challenge the referendum.

President Paul Kagame is credited with ending Rwanda’s 1994 genocide. Some have since then questioned his strategies when it comes to civil liberties. But Rwanda remains one of the most stable nations in East Africa, Mp’s have been carrying out civic education on the vote in the districts. They say its all about the people. That unlike other countries no one is being coerced on the change.

The EU And US are opposed to the move to change the constitution. But President Kagame has brushed aside their views. He says its all about the interest of Rwandans and that he will make his decision based on the outcome of the vote.