Zambia to borrow $275m from China to build houses for police


Zambia on Tuesday announced a decision to borrow $275 million from China to build houses for the police amidst opposition to government borrowing and slumping economy.

The announcement was made by Presidential spokesman Amos Chanda after a Cabinet meeting.

Finance minister Alexander Chikwanda has insisted the southern African nation of 14.5 million was within its debt capacity.

“Under this item, Cabinet approved the contraction of a loan from the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China amounting to $275 million to support the implementation of the Design and Construction of 2,350 housing units project for the security wings to be undertaken by the Ministry of Home Affairs,” said a statement issued by the Presidency.

The loan is intended to provide resources for the full implementation of the project to ease the housing shortage within the security wings, it said.

It added that improved housing and general living conditions for security personnel would consequently lead to enhanced security and job opportunities for local residents during the construction.

Zambian security wings have suffered housing shortages, leading to officers renting houses, at times, in sprawling townships.

China has huge investment in the country’s mining sector.