United Nations awards Chinese troops in Dafur with its highest honours



The United Nations has awarded medals to 225 officers and soldiers from the Chinese peacekeeping force in Darfur, Sudan.The awards were for the excellent work the troops did during their 8 months service. This medal is the highest honor for staff in the United Nations.

The honorary medal of peace is a special medal for UN staffers, who do a good job in peacekeeping. The Chinese peacekeeping force 11 in Dafur, Sudan, was issued with the special service award and golden quality award. After the medal parade, the Chinese peacekeeping force performed bayonet charge, military boxing and a Chinese traditional culture show. They also exhibited professional skills in equipment operation.

“I am very proud of chinese engineer company for their dedication work, commitment, discipline and professional leading, I have had an opportunity to serve with three chinese engineering companies. And all of them behave the same, perform the same. And I think they are well prepared, they come to this mission knowing exactly what to do. And We are proud of having chinese engineers in this mission.” Lt. General Mella, UNAMID Force Commander

The Chinese peacekeeping force 11 in Darfur came from boats of bridge regiment, of Jinan military region. They completed construction of transportation hub for Nyala city. They also completed renovating an airport in east Darfur and fixing the supply system in Rezagate tribe. They have completed 108 tasks and built 50 kilometers roads. These acts go a long way in showing that the Chinese military loves peace and will do a lot to guard it.


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