British renews deal with Kenya on Military training

British soldier in kenya

An agreement that allows British military to continue training in Kenya has been signed between the two countries after a decade of prolonged negotiations.

Over the last ten years, the British army has trained in the harsh environments of the northern areas of Kenya, which has a hot weather and a semi-arid environment.

At least 100,000 soldiers have trained in the East African country annually, some preparing to go to Iraq and Afghanistan in Asia. British officials have denied allegations from Kenyan officials that they wanted immunity for their soldiers whilst in the country. The law says that any soldier who does anything contrary to the law will be arraigned in a Kenyan Court.

With the increased terrorist insecurity, the British have trained the Kenyan security forces and equipped them to better fight the imminent threat from the Al-shabaab terrorist group.

“The UK is Kenya’s longest-standing defense and security partner, and both our countries want to see the relationship continue and grow,” Britain’s ambassador to Kenya, Nic Hailey, said in a statement after signing the agreement

According to Britain, the army training injects at least 88.41 million dollars into the Kenyan economy. The agreement is yet to be ratified by the parliament’s of both countries.