Egyptian Government now offering subsidized meals


In an effort ease the burden of inflation on basic products, the Egyptian government has began distributing subsidized meals to its citizens.

The Meals are available in the Ministry of Supply’s outlets across the country. They are family meals with price ranging from 3 to 4 US dollars. Sadly however, even that might not be enough for poorer citizens.

Citizens can select from 10 different meals that includes a variety of Meat, chicken, seafood in a addition to vegetables and Salads. It’s a combo meal that should be enough for a family of four.

Egypt imports most of its national requirements. Lately however, inflation levels reached a new high, putting more burden on most citizens.

The 3 to 4 US dollars can be easily affordable for middle or upper middle class, but for the lower categories, it stretches the budget.

An average worker or employee in Egypt makes nearly 150$ a month. Around 120$ are needed monthly for just one meal a day.