British Terror Suspect Jailed in Kenya


A British man accused of plotting terror attacks on the Kenyan coast has been handed a nine-year jail term in Mombasa, the BBC reports.

Jermaine Grant was charged on nine accounts related to attempting to obtain a Kenyan citizenship illegally.

Grant also faces separate charges of “conspiring to improvise an explosive device” and a trial in Mombasa is on-going. He has however denies the terror charges.

The Briton was arrested in 2011 when batteries and chemicals were discovered in his apartment in Mombasa.

UK police who have provided forensic assistance to the Kenyan authorities allege that those items were “precursors for making highly volatile explosive substances”.

Samantha Lewthwaite, commonly known as the “White Widow”, and wanted in connection with the 7/7 bombings in London in 2005, is also suspected of being involved in the alleged plot.

She escaped arrest in 2011 and has been missing since then.

The sentencing of Grant comes after Mombasa High Court judge Martin Muya overturned an earlier acquittal on the Kenyan citizenship charges.

He sentenced him to one year in prison for each of the charges.