Experts believe inorder to eradicate ISIL, world leaders must unite

ISIL terrorists ‘torture, kill and disfigure’ Ahrar al-Sham commander

ISIL has been wreaking havoc lately causing the UN Security council to issue a resolution on fighting terrorism. There are several coalitions already striking militants in Syria and Yemen but are not reaping the needed results.

There has been a succession of attacks around the world with hundreds of people from Europe, Asia and Africa being killed in a spate of 10 days. All claimed by ISIL and its affiliates, a sign of the growing strength of terrorism and different leaders are calling for action but global efforts need unity, which is clearly absent concerning the fight against ISIL.

Indeed ISIL has vast resources and highly effective planning that is only acquired by nations not a rogue group. Russian president Vladimir Putin himself, last week accused unnamed G20 members of funding ISIL. This Reflects the divisions within the international community although several countries such as France are willing to join Russia’s military efforts.

Egypt , which is fighting militants in the country, has also called for a crackdown on ISIL, not just in Syria but the whole region including Libya but analysts say, beating ISIL, does not only need guns and heavy artillery.

” These terrorists acts will not end unless we dry out the sources of extremist thought and ideology. We must end the unfairness between north and south and collectively revise all the norms that led people to adapt extremism and hate” Said Mohamed Abdel Ghany, Assistant Editor In Chief, October Magazine