Egypt picked to host 2021 Handball World Cup

Spain v France Semi Finals - 24th Men's Handball World Championship

Excitement spread in Egypt after the country won it’s bid to host the 2021 Handball World Cup. Egypt will also be hosting the African Handball Cup of Nations in January next year. Egyptian officials consider it a good platform to prepare for the World Cup.

The Country has been working on the bid for over a year. It’s a well-deserved victory. Winning the bid for the 2016 African Cup of nations has restored the confidence Egypt needed in handball, more so with the 2021 world cup.

The indoor court of the Cairo International Stadiums complex. It is currently under the biggest make over project it’s seen since it’s establishment 25 years ago. Work is proceeding day and night, officials say it should be ready before the year ends.

The world cup will be held in the countries most beautiful cities. Beside the Capital Cairo, Groups will be playing in the Red sea resort cities Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada, the ancient Roman coastal city Alexandria, and Luxor the richest country in Ancient Egyptian antiquities. Egypt wants to make this world class cup, an unforgettable event for all participants.