Security forces prevent terrorist attack in Tunisia


The government is stepping up security after it narrowly averted another terrorist attack in the city of Sousse and arrested 17 people suspected to be related to ISIL. Earlier this year ISIL claimed responsibility for two attacks on Tunisian soil that took the lives of over 60 tourists.

Early this week, Tunisian security forces uncovered a plan to attack the city of Sousse once again, after the June attack on a beach resort that left 38 tourists dead. Tunisian police arrested 17 people among them fighters, recruiters, and even women who manage over 30 ISIL websites. It is in mountains that dozens of armed fighters are retrenched to hide and train, and plot attacks in Tunisian cities. Some of these groups have made allegiance to ISIL.

The other night the inhabitants of a village in the mountain regions of Tunisia sheltered in the school where they spent the night. The army came to protect them by night then left in the early hours of the morning. But this is not enough to eradicate terrorism, according to experts the government should make bold moves.