New laws improves women’s lives in Rwanda


It’s good to be a woman in Rwanda. The country’s made huge steps in getting women in the workplace and is now one of the most equitable nations in the world thanks to women being given equality.

In eastern Rwanda, Epiphanie Mukamurenzi is up with the sun. Epiphanie and her husband were among 6,000 families given a cow and trained to raise it. The purpose of the training was to help increase their incomes. In addition the training is aimed at empowering women financially.

“My husband and I used to be very, very poor. We fought all the time. Everything changed when we received this cow and the training. In the past, my husband would spend our money without consulting me. Our family is so different now. We live in harmony and we’re both involved in financial decisions,” Said Epiphanie

Currently 46% of all decision-making positions at district level are held by women. The parliament also has the highest number of women globally.Though Rwanda has made progress in tackling gender inequality, women still lag behind in fields like science and business.