Business Hub encourages entrepreneurship in South Africa


Sometimes it makes more sense to go into an impoverished community and build an entrepreneur class, and that’s exactly what’s happened in the Diepsloot informal settlement, north of Johannesburg.There’s no shortage of entrepreneurs at the community. Most people have realized that they aren’t going to find a job in the formal economy.

Trying to grow an economy without having a healthy, vibrant, and growing body of entrepreneurs, is impossible. It’s one thing to say you want more entrepreneurship, as many governments do, but quite another, to actually have people creating businesses from scratch.

Rhiza Babuyile business hub is an incubator that takes the view that they will create the structure and allow the entrepreneur to fly the coop as soon as possible. The hub believes that having knowledge is power and financial knowledge and understanding is key to a successful business.

South Africa’s youth unemployment levels are amongst the highest in the world and increasingly people have realized that finding a job isn’t an option. And entrepreneurship and business building is a means to an end, a fairly lucrative end, if the entrepreneur has what it takes.