South Africa’s Eskom moving towards greener energy production



“The problems of CO2 emissions are not in the developing world. They are in the developed world. I think that the people that are causing a lot of CO2 emissions are known to the world, in certain instances they have not adhered to agreements that have been reached in the past where in fact we in the developing world have been very diligent.” Said Eskom Power Station CEO Brian Molefe

A possible solution to the question of cost of compliance has been suggested, and reinforced by Molefe. Obtaining offsets from the world bank against capital expenditure to reach and agreed to carbon emission reduction.

The two power stations under construction in South Africa, Medupi and Kusile,are leading the charge away from old and inefficient technology.

South Africa and the African continents requirements of providing electricity are going to be key for the growth of the continent. If this doesn’t happen, at the expense of managing those carbon footprints we may have a bit of a crisis on our hands.

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