Ongoing rivalry in Beledweyne, Somalia, is undermining efforts of stability



Deadly clan rivalry continues to hamper recovery in Somalia. Just this past weekend, a United Nations employee was shot dead in the central town of Beledweyne. Locals claim the killing was clan-related and that the ongoing rivalry is undermining efforts to stabilise the region.

Shops are being reopened as a sign that Beledeweyne is slowly coming back to life three years after the armed group Al-Shabaab was dislodged from the country. Major development in Beledweyne remains on hold and the infrastructure scarce. The violence has forced some schools and hospitals to close.

Residents blame clan rivalry and persistent frequent deadly clashes over land. According to the governor many people own illegal weapons and they must be disarmed.

Even three years after Al-Shabab was driven away, Beledweyne still needs peacekeepers to ensure security in the region.

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