Five West African countries involved in the construction of highway connecting Abidjan to Lagos


highway six lane

Five West African states are building a highway connecting Cote d’ivoire’s economic capital of Abidjan to Nigeria’s largest city of Lagos. Ghana, Benin and Togo are the other states which will benefit from the project which is currently in its initial stages. The entire project is estimated to cost up to 6 billion dollars and will be done in 5 years from start, to finish.

Five heads of state of West Africa in 2013 gave birth to the 6 lane high way under construction. once complete it will connect almost all of the region. The Abidjan-Lagos corridor covers a total of 1028 kilometres and connects some of the largest and economically most dynamic cities in West Africa. Abidjan,Accra, Cotonou, Lagos and Lome will now get chances of integrating economically.

Work has been going well since individual states begun constructing their sides of this modern highway.And the agency formed to design the project is currently in the process of conducting a detailed feasibility study about the road. The Abidjan – Lagos corridor has a price tag of 4 to 6 billion dollars.And is expected to be open for traffic in about five years time.Officials say the project sends out a continetal message.


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