Over 68 people released from Ebola quarantine in Guinea

Guinea ebola

Guinea has released 68 people from quarantine on Saturday. The people were secluded after they had come into contact with an Ebola patient.  The release raised hopes for the country as the last of the disease cases come to an end.

Ebola epidemic has been declared over in Liberia and Sierra Leone, however with Guinea being the origin of the outbreak of Ebola has had a hard time eradicating the disease in the country. More than 11,300 people were killed across the African countries.

According to Dr. Abdourahmane Bathily, head of the Ebola centre in Forecariah in western Guinea, 68 contacts had emerged from quarantine at midnight on Saturday morning.

“There are no longer any people who had contact with a person infected by the Ebola virus,” said Bathily.

A baby in siolation is the last confirmed case of Ebola case that is still in isolation and will be released next week from the treatment center next week according to the doctor, the move would allow Guinea to start working towards being declared free of the disease.

Ebola-affected areas must spend 42 days without a case to be declared free of the hemorrhagic fever, although after cases cropped up after Liberia’s first Ebola-free declaration, the World Health Organisation has instituted an additional 90-day surveillance period.

More than 3,500 people fell ill and 2,000 people died in Guinea during the outbreak.