UN Investigating allegations of sexual abuse by peacekeeping troops in CAR

UN peacekeeping troops patrolling the streets of Bangui


The United Nations (UN) says it is investigating the allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse by its peacekeeping troops in violence-ridden Central African Republic (CAR).

A UN official speaking on condition of anonymity is reported to have said that the allegations involve three underage girls and two pregnancies.

The UN peacekeeping mission in CAR said in a statement that it learned of the new allegations on Wednesday and will send a team to the location on Thursday, Thursday “to gather the facts, sensitize the troops involved, and to take immediate preventive and disciplinary measures”.

The UN is already investigating other cases of possible sexual misconduct by its troops and police in the country.

The troops have been in CAR since September 2014.

Back in August, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon asked the head of the peacekeeping mission to resign after the organization received similar allegations.

The new head of the mission Parfait Onanga-Anyanga has said that any sinle incident of abuse is “utterly abhorrent”, and he pledged to ensure justice is served in each and every case.