SA police jailed for murdering Mozambican taxi driver


Eight former South African police officers have been sentenced to 15 years in prison for the murder of a Mozambican taxi driver.

The police officers were alleged to have tied Mido Macia to the back of a police van by his arms before driving off, in 2013.

The taxi driver was found in a pool of blood in police custody.

Judge Bert Bam described the killing as “barbaric”, but also acknowledged that it was not premeditated.

While sentencing the men aged 25 and 56, Bam said, “The continuous conduct of the accused concerning the injuries on the deceased was barbaric and totally inexplicable.

“What made their conduct more reprehensible was their cowardly attack in the cell on a defenceless and already seriously injured man.”

The former police officers’ lawyer has said that he would appeal against the murder conviction.

A bystander filmed the police officers dragging Mido Macia being dragged behind a police vehicle with both hands tied up.