Somalia thanks Malta for citizens’ protection


The Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke this morning thanked Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat for giving the majority of Somali nationals landing in Malta protection.

During a bilateral meeting this morning, he said that his ambassador to the EU could serve as an intermediary on migration.


But an adamant Prime Minister Joseph Muscat called for stability in the region “since we are concerned over the situation”. He said that a number of asylum seekers and refugees who landed in Malta originated or originate from Somalia.

Dr Muscat expressed satisfaction over the fact that only a few months after the two met for a bilateral meeting that they have met again for a summit focusing on migration.

Dr Muscat referred to the fact that AFM personnel assist Dutch forces in monitoring the coast of Somalia and bringing about stability in the region.

The Somali Prime Minister said that he hopes that the outcome of this summit will tackle the issue of migration while jokingly pointing out to Dr Muscat that Somalis have to go to New York to get a visa to enter Malta, asking whether Malta could have an embassy closer to his country. He aid a better economy in Somalia will lead to Somalis returning to their country of origin.t

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