Liberian feted for role in fighting for justice for child victims of violence



Liberian Abraham M. Keita is the winner of the coveted International Children’s Peace Prize 2015 for his role in fighting for justice for child victims of physical and sexual violence in the West African country, where the legacy of wartime rape still lingers.

Keita received the award in the presence of the world press in The Hague, Netherlands, from Nobel Laureate Leymah Gbowee.

The teenager was nominated in September alongside Aziza Rahim Zada of Afghanistan and Jeanesha Bou of Puerto Rico.

His tireless work as a campaigner, bringing attention to crimes against children and campaigning until the perpetrators are locked away, stood out and convinced the jury. He also played a leading role in the Liberian Children’s Parliament where he successfully lobbied the Liberian Parliament to adopt the Children’s Law to protect children’s rights.

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