Zimbabwe’s minister pledges to reform wildlife industry



Zimbabwe’s environment minister has pledged to introduce “serious reforms” in the wildlife industry after the killing of dozens of elephants in Hwange, although she maintains that there have been “worse killings” elsewhere.

Oppah Muchunguri told the Sunday Mail that there are not enough rangers patrolling the Hwange National Park, and that the few that do, live in deplorable work conditions.

She said thatmore resources should be given to the communities that live close to the park, where most of the 60 elephant poisonings took place in October, so that they donot harbour poachers.

Zimbabwean Police have arrested three journalists following a story alleging the involvement of a top police officer in some of the poironings.

The three, Mabasa Sasa, Tinashe Farawo and Brian Chitemba, all from the Sunday Mail have been charged with publishing falsehoods and face a fine or 20 years in jailed if found guilty.

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