Serial Rapist jailed for 232 years faces 12 more charges



Already on a 232-years’ in prison sentence and six life terms, 25 year-old Mpho Rakgwale now awaits sentencing on November 30 for new convictions.

Rakgwale is South Africa’s, and potentially Africa’s youngest convicted serial rapist.

Rakgwale was back in the high court in Johannesburg on Wednesday after being found guilty of rape, kidnapping and robbery last year.

He was convicted for a mind-boggling 61 charges, with 21 of those being for rape while 17 were for kidnapping and six for the illegal possession of firearms.

Rakgwale was slapped with further five charges for aggravated robbery, six for the illegal possession of ammunition and another six for robbery.

On Wednesday, the South African was convicted on 12 more charged for several kidnappings, rapes and robberies between May and September 2012.

Judge AJ Sithole summed up the victims’ testimonies with revelations some teenage victims were raped in a Johannesburg cemetery.

According to the court, some of his victims were his childhood friends.