Libyan minister kidnapped by gunmen linked to fellow minister



Gunmen have reportedly kidnapped a Libyan minister.

Libyan parliament said on Tuesday that gunmen kidnapped Mohamad al-Gaddar, the planning minister in the country’s Tripoli-based government, and accused a group linked to its interior minister of being behind the abduction.

The security and defence commission of the General National Congress (GNC) condemned the kidnap of the minister by “an armed group linked to the interior minister.”

The GNC also accused the same group of attacking its government headquarters.

Libya has experiences waves of chaos since October 2011 after the ouster and killing of long serving leader Muammar Gaddafi, with two governments battling for power and other armed groups seeking to control its vast energy resources.

In August 2014, a militia alliance overran Tripoli, establishing a rival government and a parliament that forced the internationally recognized government to flee to the country’s remote east.

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