Congo’s opposition promise to continue demonstrations


Congo’s opposition parties have pledged to continue with their protests against President Sassou Nguesso who will now be allowed to vie for the presidency for a third time, after a referendum vote went in his favour.

The opposition held a remembrance ceremony on Friday for the protesters killed during the demonstrations against Nguesso’s decision to change the constitution to allow him run for a third term.

Seventeen people were killed according to the opposition, during nationwide protests on October 20 and 21 held to show their dissent with the referendum on changes that would allow the 71-year old president to run in the elections next year.

Government officials however said only for were killed.

The opposition said that the will honor the dead by continuing with their demonstrations against Nguesso’s decision to vie for a third time.

The referendum was held on October 25, with an alleged 72% voter turn-out, of whom 92% backed the changes.