Suspected Ugandan rebels kill six in DRC



The Democratic Republic of Congo military suspects Ugandan rebels to be the killers of six people found dumped in the north-eastern region of the country with stab wounds and bullet holes. The Centre of Study for the Promotion of Peace, Democracy and Human Rights (CEPADHO), a local activist group, said that the bodies were found in the village of Kamakombu, more than 30km northeast of the territorial capital of Beni.

CEPADHO said that it suspects the victims were killed by fighters from the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), an Islamist group founded in Uganda that has operated primarily on the Congolese side of the border for the last two decades and is active in the illicit trade of minerals and timber.

Local activists say that more than 500 people have been killed in overnight massacres in the Beni area since last October, mostly in machete attacks.

Though the government and the UN mission in DRC have blamed most of the deaths on the ADF, a UN panel of experts said in a report released this week that many of the killings it had investigated did not appear consistent with known ADF attacks.

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