Nigeria’s Nollywood productions seek worldwide appeal


Less Nollywood, more Hollywood. This is the aim of a new wave of filmmakers wanting to turn around Nigeria’s reputation for poor quality film productions. Kunle Afolayan is directing a film called ‘The CEO’ which he hopes will showcase Africa’s cinematic potential to a global audience.

“CEO is a film that represents Africa as a continent. By virtue of the kind of story, the actors, the team and every elements of the film to a large extent embraces who we are as Africans.

The film tells the story of an African telecommunications company looking for a new CEO. It’s both a comedy and a thriller.The cast includes a singer from Benin and actors from South Africa, Kenya, Ivory Coast and Morocco.

The company has provided tickets for shooting to take place in Kenya, South Africa and even at Paris’ main airport, (shallo du gul) Charles De Gaulle.

Better financing, it is hoped, will change Nollywood’s  association with poorly made films. In April last year, Nollywood was included in Nigeria’s economic data for the first time — a sign of its growing potential and influence.

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