AMISOM hands over model police station Cadale district

The African Union Mission in Somalia recently handed over a model police station to the authorities in Cadale district. This is part of the support being extended to enhance law and order in the country

The AMISOM Stabilization and Early Recovery working group handed over the police station to Somali Police Force and the local administration.

Somalia has been on a murky path to restoring security with insurgent group Al Shabaab still controlling swathes of Somalia.

The years under the control of the extremists, saw administrative structures and the rule of law degenerate. Connections between the population and the state were mainly cut off in occupied towns.

Access to social services had also been severely limited with basic facilities such as schools, hospitals either dilapidated or destroyed. With the country now on a path to recovery, after a new internationally-backed government was installed in 2012, many towns have been liberated and now fall under a federal government.

At least 10 towns were recaptured from Al Shabaab militants, across different regions in joint offensive conducted between February and April this year.