President Xi and David Cameron to seal huge business deals


Chinese President Xi Jinping will meet UK Prime Minister David Cameron on his second Day of his four-day state visit to the UK.

Cameron is expected to offer cheap visas for Chinese tourists and welcome billions of pounds in business deals with Beijing, including in nuclear power.

The second day of President Xi’s state visit will be taken up by trade summits and a bilateral meeting in Downing Street, with the two countries heralding £30bn of new business deals between them.

The biggest of these deals is likely to be an investment by China’s state nuclear power companies in two new plants being built by the French firm EDF at Hinkley Point in Somerset, rumored to be worth about £8bn per plant.

George Osborne, the chancellor, has been seeking money from the Chinese for the HS2 rail line, advertising £11.8bn of contracts on his recent trip to the country, and for the so-called “Northern powerhouse”, an array of developments in the north of England.