Kenya Security Forces on the Hunt for Al Shabaab Suspects Planning an Attack on the Country

Alshaab kenyans - NAtion
Al Shabaab Suspect – Photo Courtesy Nation Newspaper


Kenya’s security agency urgently searching for five people after intelligence reports say that there is a planned attack by a female suicide bomber along with her husband and former football player.

According to the local newspaper, Nation, the five have been undergoing training in Somalia and will be sneaking back into the country to carry out attacks. The female Ms Shamim Wanjiru Hussein, 26, her husband, Omar Patroba Juma, 33, and former Mathare United football player Anwar Yogan Mwok, 34 including other two male suspects who have been featured before Omar Owiti and Ramadhan Kioko have been implicated in the government security report.

The Government report has cited the target and timing of the attack as unknown, but it has circulated pictures of the suspects and asked the public to help with any information. The suspects are believed will make contact with families once they return to Nairobi.

In related events, at least 700 Kenyans have defected from the terrorist group Al shabaab and returned back home to Kenya. Others took up the offer by the Kenyan government on amnesty announced in April this year while others were disappointed when the militia didn’t give the promised benefits according to a report by the Kenyan Interior Ministry, Council of Muslims and International Organization for Migration. A majority of the returned Kenyans said that they had military training, with a number having amputated limbs, head injuries and other body injuries according to the local newspaper the Star.