Somalia launches a hotline for sexual abuse


Women in Somalia have been given a direct hotline number in case of rape or sexual abuse to get immediate assistance. A move to empower women to overcome fears of confronting cases of sexual abuse. The hotline has been dubbed Ceebla, meaning no shame in local language.

Due to the years of civil war witnessed in the country there are many widows in the county that require protection

“Two ladies will answer the calls at any given time. This in turn will help us not only assist the victim but inform the police and emergency services” said Zahra Mohamed, Legal Adviser, Somali Women Development Centre (SWDC)

Still in it’s pilot phase the hotline is currently operational in Mogadishu for the next six months, before being enrolled into other areas of Somalia

According to the founders SWDC a team of nurses, social workers, investigators and legal officers will be at the center of it all

“For years – rape victims were afraid to report rape because they do not trust the criminal justice system, but Ceebla crisis line is set to empower Somali women and grant them power to report rape cases anywhere in Somalia”. said Mohamed Dahir Abdulle, Somali Police Force