Uganda Kickboxer losses to Australian


Uganda Intercontinental Super Welterweight champion, Umar Semata, lost the title to Australia’s Piotr Lagodzki

The match had been postponed for 48 hours because of heavy rainfalls in Uganda. When the day finally came, Semata gave the home crowd a good show the first four rounds before stumbling in to the fifth round and loosing without a fight.

There was controversy surrounding the last round brought by confusion as to whether Sumata was affected by the reverse kicks and blows that Lagodzki gave him in the fourth round or it was something else. The referee called in paramedics after Sumata gave him a blow while in a daze. Semata was unable to continue leading to Lagodzki’s win.

‘When I saw him really upset..i thought he just got too tired…he was really I knew a champion like him..if he got to this stage, he’s just giving up…because he’d hate himself…but I know he is better than this.. I want to fight him again.’ Said Piotr Ladogzki,  New WKF Super Welterweight Champion

‘I was ok from the first round…second round fourth round…then I don’t know what happened…am a professional fighter…that happens anytime…you lose some…win some..’ Said Umar Semata, former WKF Super Welterweight Champion